AI Blessed Farming

 20 Oct 2018  |    11:18 PM  |    Sangawari

AI Blessed Farming

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most emerging technologies which has been used to solve many industry problems by using the intelligence of the machine and neural networks. These problems include predicting machine wear out, future production, market trends, weather prediction, etc.  Thus, it can do what a human’s brain can and sometimes exceed its capabilities too. Cognitive capabilities of AI can give more precise output at every next use of the system.

Farming is one of the most crucial industries which deals with a high degree of uncertainty. Majority of the factors which affect farming are uncertain like weather, market conditions, plant diseases, etc.  They make it difficult to preplan all the farming activities like fertilizing, cropping and harvesting. This results in huge losses to farmers which lead to insufficient supplies that in turn result in price hikes.

Artificial intelligence can be a blessing to solve and overcome the major farming issues by predicting uncertainties like bad weather conditions, pests, rains, diseases, market prices, etc. It can help farmers to get prepared for upcoming uncertainties and risks and can guide farmers in taking steps in different situations. This can result in maximizing the profit for farmers by reducing the production cost which will lead to lower prices for consumers. By realizing market trends, farmers will grow only those products which are in demand and thus ensure minimal food wastage and maintain equilibrium in the market demand and supply.

AI can help in maximizing the production using the past data and neural networks to find out which is the best crop suitable considering the forecasted weather, soil, and location. It can increase the efficiency of the fertilizers by suggesting the most precise ratio of fertilizers to be used in an appropriate quantity in a particular area of land.

Considering the huge potential of agriculture, it’s crucial that AI is going to be used at its full potential so that farmers and consumers can make the most out of it. More and more use cases of AI in agriculture are likely to show up in the near future because of the immense value it can add.