Reluctance towards technology- an analysis

 13 Dec 2018  |    11:03 PM  |    R Sai Jayaraman

A post on factors that influence reluctance towards modern technology in farming.

Drip Irrigation

 06 Dec 2018  |    08:27 PM  |    Abhishek Chatterji

My content is on drip irrigation system in India. It also contains the methods by which it can be promoted in the areas with less water availability. i also tried to as possible to tell about jugaad to people in my content. Jugaad is a method of using natural water. I came to know about it at KBC.

Apple Industry In India

 05 Dec 2018  |    05:20 PM  |    Haiqa Nowsheen

Tracing the tumultuous wave of Kashmir Apple industry.

Modern Technology in Farming in India

 05 Dec 2018  |    01:02 PM  |    Rachit Agrawal

Agriculture is the most important sector in India economy. This post is about why modern technology is important in farming and how it is being implemented.

AI Blessed Farming

 20 Oct 2018  |    11:18 PM  |    Sangawari

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most emerging technologies which has been used to solve many industry problems by using the intelligence of the machine and neural networks.

What is technology?

 20 Oct 2018  |    11:01 PM  |    Sangawari

Technology can be broken down into technique-ology which means the study of techniques. According to me, Technology is bringing a new technique to do something in a faster/efficient manner than the ways it is usually done.

Why is Indian agriculture in danger?

 20 Oct 2018  |    02:02 PM  |    Sangawari

India’s 59% population is engaged in agricultural activities and it contributed to 17.32% of India’s GDP in 2016. India is the largest producer of milk, jute, and pulses, and has the world's second-largest cattle population with 170 million animals in 2011.