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About Us

Who are we?

We are a team of young dedicated visioners, who want to revolutionize the agriculture sector of India, by introducing our farmers to the modern technologies and techniques that can change the way farming has been done so far.

We aim to bring in efficiency, higher production and make agriculture a smart industry in India and most importantly to generate more profit for our hardworking farmers.

Why Sangawari?

Agriculture is central to India’s socio-economic development, as 55% of Indian households make a living from farming. Even then, agriculture only manages to contribute 16% of Indian GDP as a majority of farmers face income insecurity. Due to their low-income and poor background, it is way beyond their reach to think about modern tools and technology.

This is where team Sangawari comes into action. We have started working on relevant technologies to make low-cost and easy-to-maintain tools which we aim in providing the farmers.

We also feel that there are many people like us who would love to showcase their skills and ideas to develop these tools and help the farmers. They are all welcome to join us.

Why join us?

Sangawari is a non-profit organization that works with farmers, helping them to provide the technologies and solve agricultural problems using innovative ideas and technologies. People who want to showcase their skills and ideas to develop these tools and help the farmers in understanding the application of the respective tools and technologies are welcome.

By being a volunteer in our organization you get to earn the exposure of working at ground level and developing your problem-solving skills. Proper mentorship will be given in case you need help. You will be provided with certificates acknowledging your effort and hard work. Adding up to that, your work will always be under observation of government authorities and professionals, keeping you in a very good position for your career.

You are getting an opportunity to bring your ideas and innovations to life and to see them get implemented for the good of the backbone of our society. And most importantly, you get to become part of this 21st-century green revolution that aims to change Indian Agriculture Industry forever!